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Coffee Syrup Collection
Coffee Syrup Collection

Coffee Syrup Collection

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Flavour up your coffee with the hazelnut, caramel and vanilla syrup  

  1. Caramel Syrup
  2. Hazelnut Syrup
  3. Vanilla Syrup  
           125ml each included in package  



If you are a chewy caramel chocolate and candy lover the caramel syrup delivers that exact buttery smoothness with a rich and sweet taste which leaves you wanting more. Crave It caramel syrup delivers that mouth-watering desire to all your favourite hot and cold beverages, milkshakes as well as alcoholic beverages. 


For the nut lover, the hazelnut syrup delivers a rich and nutty aroma of hazelnut with a touch of almond and vanilla. The Crave It hazelnut syrup is ideal when paired with dairy based ingredients as it reveals all its aroma adding extra deliciousness to various puddings and desserts.


If you are looking for a rich and smooth flavour to all your favourite drinks and desserts the Crave It Vanilla Syrup delivers just that. The Vanilla syrup is delicious and versatile and the farthest flavour from basic. Add to your hot or cold brew coffees, smoothies, milkshakes and top off all your favourite desserts with this classic yet intricate syrup


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