Crave Scientific Coffee Brewer
Crave Scientific Coffee Brewer
Crave Scientific Coffee Brewer
Crave Scientific Coffee Brewer

Crave Scientific Coffee Brewer

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Introducing Crave, The Scientific Coffee Brewer   
A new and effective way of making a strong cup of coffee in just under 5 minutes, One of the most exciting manual brewing equipment on the market and Now allowing the user to experience the thrilling way of how the water flows from one chamber to the next, thereafter it creates a strong vacuum that allows the Coffee to return to the original vase the water was placed in.     
Crave can make you approximately 30+ Brews , after that the gas cartridge has to be replaced and are highly available at most retail stores nation wide. Reusable stainless filter also included.
Not just is the design aesthetically pleasing with its copper and kiaat wood accents , It most definitely delivers a strong punch to your cup of coffee, just making you crave more ;) 
Equipment Included   
1x 500ml Chemist Vase (Heat resistant) 
1x 700ml Coffee placement Vase (Heat resistant) 
1x Kiaat Coffee stand  
1x Copper stand and Coffee handle 
1x Copper tube and filter system 
1x Micro gas burner    
1x Starter gas canister
1x User manual 
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If you ever thought that you have tasted premium coffee before, try this!
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