Premium Coffee Beans, CBD Infused, Italian Roast

Premium Coffee Beans, CBD Infused, Italian Roast

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Premium selected Colombian and Ethiopian Coffee beans, blended in a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Slow roasted in the classic Italian tradition.

Our coffee beans are meticulously verified by Swiss Master Tasters ensuring consistent flavours of Creamy Caramel and Chocolate coming through.

The small-batch roasting is intimate and finely balanced, ensuring low acidity, and gentle sweetness. Delightfully smoothen the palate.

This coffee is infused with hemp CBD will give you your coffee fix and leave you feeling calm, energized without the anxiety and shakes.

Servings: ~30 great coffees 

250mg of Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) per 250g of Coffee
0% THC (THC gives the psychoactive effect) 

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